Friday, May 30, 2014


Shorts: Terriblay (vintage) / Clarissa Sandals: Dr. Martens / Kerry Sunnies: Sunnies Studios / Leather backpack: Prada / Chiffon Sweatshirt: H&M

Bipolar weather in Manila is expected around this time of year. After a long stretch of what felt like a heat wave, it is only bound to pour soon. Still too hot to wear heavier fabrics, I opted for my wide legged shorts or culottes, as they are more aptly termed. Since I didn't want to look inappropriately dressed for the potential of rain, I brought a chiffony sweatshirt around with me, worn here as a scarf tied on my backpack.

My girl Melissa wrote a blog post about the "in betweens" sometime last week. Seems like a solid number of us are wading around feeling our way into our next defining moments, both in stages of our lives and between seasons. Easy to say, we are hopefully transitioning into something exciting soon. For my Vancouver fam, I'm looking forward to the beautiful summer to come and everything that comes with it! As for me, it is still a little early to tell.

Insta! @religionblack
Photos by Karyn Ong

Friday, May 23, 2014

23MAY2014 // OPTION 2

Have you ever had two very close outfits to decide on for an occasion? Pretty sure that's a yes.
I recently went to the bomb event of Philippine Star's Young Star who recently turned 18. The theme was Prom Kla$$y, so for sure I knew I had to wear something tailored. Here's what I ended up wearing. I made a buttoniere to go with the prom theme, just a fun little touch. I chose the outfit totally by feel. I went for the softer look because I felt it was the right amount of girly for the night with the silk pants and heels.

Here, on the other hand, was the second option.

Altered Vest / Bodysuit: American Apparel / Shorts: Comme des Garçons BLACK / Oxfords: Charles & Keith / Pouch: DIY

Photos by Karyn Ong

Saturday, May 17, 2014


Zip top: Zara / Silk Pants: Vintage / Mesh Bra: American Apparel / Sandals: ASOS / Zip Envelope: Wabi Sabi

The heat in Manila has been absolutely sweltering. I almost forget how bad summer is if one isn't able to frequent the beach. Even in the summer, black is my immediate colour of choice. It's common knowledge that as opposed to other colours that reflect the sun, dark colours absorb it and are likely to get sun damaged. What I say to that is- I'm still gonna wear black except I'll make sure to be very picky about cuts and fabrication, and that I walk under the shade much as possible.

Lately I've found that I'm seriously unable to wear pants due to the heat, so it was perfect timing and a blessing in disguise when my grandmother randomly gave me a bunch of silk pants. They are lightweight, roomy, comfortable, and EXACTLY what I had been looking for for months now. Paired it with my zipped side top from Zara which also provides an ample amount of ventilation. Whew. 

Photos by Karyn Ong

Friday, May 9, 2014

08MAY2014 // SKIRTING PT. 3

Top: SUNE / Skort: Rick Owens Lilies SS12 / Cap Toe Flats: ASOS / Sunnies: H&M 

For my final bit of this themed 3-part posting, I wanted to do something more fun along the lines of a 'wild card'. I know I cheated a little bit and wore a skort, but this really is one of my top 5 favourite bottoms ever. To own more beautiful Rick Owens things is definitely a dream I am hoping the universe would conspire to happen for me at some point in my life!

This was a fun little photo session- I'm usually clueless/awkward when it comes to posing and such, so I'm lucky to have Cholo this time to help me out with playing things up. I mean, when he tells you to stand on that pick up, how the hell do you say no?! It would be rude not to.

Photography by Cholo dela Vega

Friday, May 2, 2014

02MAY2014 // SKIRTING PT. 2

Top: DIY Crop (from old H&M shirt) / Skirt: COS / Boots: ASOS 

Apologies for the very delayed Part 2 post! Times have been a little busier lately.

I wanted to do a slightly more tailored look for Part 2. That, and I wanted to wear one of the very few things I purchased in Paris last February. This COS skirt is cut so beautifully; the fabric has a nice stiff drape to show off the curved shape and accentuated pleating in the back, making it a little different from your usual full circle skirt. It is also a major plus that it has deep pockets! I can see myself wearing this in all sorts of variations- a mens tee and slip ons for a super casual day, or a black top and heels for a more dressy occasion. It has definitely filled one of the missing gaps in my wardrobe.

Photography by Cholo dela Vega
Location: The Curator