Friday, May 23, 2014

23MAY2014 // OPTION 2

Have you ever had two very close outfits to decide on for an occasion? Pretty sure that's a yes.
I recently went to the bomb event of Philippine Star's Young Star who recently turned 18. The theme was Prom Kla$$y, so for sure I knew I had to wear something tailored. Here's what I ended up wearing. I made a buttoniere to go with the prom theme, just a fun little touch. I chose the outfit totally by feel. I went for the softer look because I felt it was the right amount of girly for the night with the silk pants and heels.

Here, on the other hand, was the second option.

Altered Vest / Bodysuit: American Apparel / Shorts: Comme des Garçons BLACK / Oxfords: Charles & Keith / Pouch: DIY

Photos by Karyn Ong


  1. i wouldn't have guessed that look from a name like prom kla$$y!! lul! i bet you stood out as a super confident, uber fashion babe xx

  2. I love it and it is good to find a glance between being you, being different and unique. I feel the same wear. Move to Van soon so we can be weirdos together xx