Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy American Thanksgiving everyone!
This officially marks the beginning of the holidays, and it will soon be 2014.

Thankful for everything that 2013 has thrown my way, the good, and even more the not-so-good, that made me who I am today.

Top: Vintage / Jeans: Uniqlo / Booties: ASOS

Love lots, black soul x

Photo by Karyn Ong

Friday, November 22, 2013


Dark days are ongoing, and hope is hiding in the corner, urging to be found. Hope for everyone who lost everything they had in the Typhoon Haiyan devastation, people they loved, and all that was left are their heartbeats and the clothes behind their backs. Help is under way, the best we can give, and it cannot stop soon. Here are some ways to help and donate.

Cotton Blazer: UNIQLO / White Tee: cut up Hanes / Shorts: from Korea / Sandal Boots: ASOS / Backpack: Vintage Prada

Love lots, black soul x

Film photos by Karla Ong

Friday, November 8, 2013


Please excuse my absence from the blogosphere for the past week, I’ve not been feeling very well and just recently finally started recuperating. Alas, ten rebellious cups of coffee and five days of virus fighting later, I am back with a vengeance-- well, an outfit post.

I was looking for a good excuse to wear these pants. The flares are HUGE and I originally styled it with a pleather jacket to square off the look, but I thought the big pants and a heavy jacket looked a bit silly knowing I currently live in a tropical country. So here it is. The mesh jersey is exactly as it says- fun!

I am a fan of these photos by Cholo dela Vega. Loving the effect of the borrowed light from the car behind and the Tron-ish lighting of the background structure. Thank you Cholo for making it all come together.

Top: Stradivarius / Lace Bra: Urban Outfitters / Wide-legged Pants: Vintage

Love lots, black soul xx