Wednesday, March 26, 2014

26MAR2014 // RONNIE & JOE

Top: Vintage / Shorts: From Korea / Challenge Talisman Necklace: Pyrrha  / Bag: Wabisabi / Spin Wedges: Acne Studios / Lip: MAC Cyber + Night Moth

Super simple look for Ronnie & Joe Optical Salon's launch party last week. As expected, the store was very well designed, and showcased all the beautiful eyewear in a very tasteful and effortless way. Ronnie & Joe represent several amazing brands like Dita, Native Sons, Thom Browne, Moscot, Illesteva, Matsuda, Karen Walker and more. Having gone through Lasik surgery several years ago to give me better vision, I now (partially) wish I had a real excuse to wear some of the optical frames we saw in the store. I wear a lot of dark colours and pretty basic clothing, but I love my crazy eyewear. I'm glad to know it's not going to be too hard to find them locally anymore. More photos from the event here.

Photos by Anton Aguila

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Here are a few snaps of very random things. Hope you enjoy x

Photos by D. Ong and myself

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Time moved on fast forward these past few days. Paris is absolutely stunning of course, and even though I didn't get to take many pictures, I had that much more time to soak it in and enjoy it before, between and after our long work days.

The weather was brutal at first, and eventually transitioned to the most perfect weather the day we were leaving. I will miss the daily dose of fashion exuding practicality laced with genuine personal style-- ever inspiring realness. That, and eating a little too much. How can you not? As they say, when in France....

Meanwhile, here are night shots of me.

Au revoir, Paris xoxo

Coat: MUJI  /  Blazer: Vintage  /  Tank top: American Apparel  /  Shorts: Terriblay (vintage)  /  Boots: Vagabond (old)  /  Carry Bag: The Leather Company

Photos by D. Ong

Saturday, March 1, 2014

01MAR2014 // EVOLVE


Managed to snap these photos the day before leaving for le work trip. I haven't yet washed my hair by this time the photo was taken, but the colour will definitely change as time (and washing) goes by.

It's taking a little time getting used to the short and straight hair, I haven't seen my hair short and straight since early 2012, a few hours prior to digital-perming again. I had to make the big choice if I really wanted to go grey it would have to be cut off due to the damage from both the perm and the bleaching from the ombre. I've been wanting to do grey for ages, and I have been craving a new look too. So my stylist chopped the hair and recommended that I don't bleach my entire head so that my hair has dimension (and also the great fear of my hair breaking off). I'm looking forward to the different toners we'll be playing with from here on, but I really do love the grey so I might just stick with it for a little bit longer.

Shirt: Terriblay (vintage) / Vegan Leather Shorts: American Apparel / Ayahko Bag: Wabisabi / Platform Sandals: ZARA / Sunnies by Charlie

Love lots, black soul xx