Saturday, May 17, 2014


Zip top: Zara / Silk Pants: Vintage / Mesh Bra: American Apparel / Sandals: ASOS / Zip Envelope: Wabi Sabi

The heat in Manila has been absolutely sweltering. I almost forget how bad summer is if one isn't able to frequent the beach. Even in the summer, black is my immediate colour of choice. It's common knowledge that as opposed to other colours that reflect the sun, dark colours absorb it and are likely to get sun damaged. What I say to that is- I'm still gonna wear black except I'll make sure to be very picky about cuts and fabrication, and that I walk under the shade much as possible.

Lately I've found that I'm seriously unable to wear pants due to the heat, so it was perfect timing and a blessing in disguise when my grandmother randomly gave me a bunch of silk pants. They are lightweight, roomy, comfortable, and EXACTLY what I had been looking for for months now. Paired it with my zipped side top from Zara which also provides an ample amount of ventilation. Whew. 

Photos by Karyn Ong

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  1. I know that heat the same as in Brasil and Black is always a gd option. Love the shot of the side top, beautiful design and captured. How gd of your grandma and luck you xx