Sunday, May 26, 2013


Monocle magazine was in the works of planning an Asia-Pacific tour. One person referred another, and in terms of location, Univers was chosen in a dash with no questions asked. Well, I can’t blame him (by 'him' I mean Monocle's editor-in-chief and chairman Tyler Brûlé)- it is an absolutely gorgeous store.

For the first time in Univers history, while maintaining normal store operations, I saw it transform into a party. There was catering, re-allocation of fixtures into furniture inside the store for Monocle’s shop-in-shop and some for cocktail tables; the outside became an attraction for the event attendees, where the bar stood, and where the DJ played sick tunes. The event was held last Wednesday, the 22nd of May.

Here are some photos from my Instagram, and Erik's

 I must admit I had a silly fangirl mission that night. It was simple: photo witTyler Brûlé.  Once I got that, I could mingle and actually enjoy the party.  It was a really great event!

Goal achieved (insert happy dance here)
Monocle's Ethan Hawkes-Pippen  
Pop-up shop
DJ Doc Gerard Henson in the house!
In his speech, he talked about the importance of print media and how it is a profitable franchise despite the rise of non-paper options such as the iPad or the Kindle. I could see the benefits of using these gadgets, I read a lot of news and articles online as well, but when it comes to books and magazines that are really special such as Monocle, Apartamento, Self Service, The Gentlewoman, Fantastic Man, Acne Paper, and the like- they are really worth the space not only in terms of content but to touch them and doggy-ear the pages to remember, to appreciate the type of paper they used, layout design and such; these publications are for keeps and look good to have lying around anyway.

The genius behind everything H&F Jappy Gonzalez and Peter Pilotto's Lucia Restelli (photo from Chuvaness)
Denim lovers: Fred Perry's Elaine Domingo, Dr. Tere Henson, H&F's Tadi de Leon, Model/Photographer Jo-Ann Bitagcol and I (photo from Chuvaness)

I wasn’t always a huge Monocle fan. My first couple of memories of the magazine was back in 2009-2010 when I was living in Vancouver and my dad would ask me to find him a copy. It was nowhere to be found, not in any bookstore! It was only ever sold in Roots (a very Canadian retail store) as discovered later by my sister Karyn. Now he finally has a subscription and I don’t need one for myself just yet! 

Monsieur Brûlé was signing issues too-
Signed to my dad Oscar and me
Yes I was star struck and so giddy when Mr. Brûlé remembered my name as we said our goodbyes. The Monocle team extended such vibrancy both on and off duty; they are truly an inspiring group. Yes I am really happy to have made new friends that evening. Yes, the photos are blurry thanks very much to the irresistibly delicious mango bellinis served in the course of the event. And yes, I shamelessly took home a freebie tote with a CD, notebook, and their June 2013 Issue. Overall, an unbelievable night! Thank you, Monocle—you made my month!

Love lots, black soul xx