Friday, July 25, 2014


Look 1-  Striped Reverse Shirt: CDG Shirt / Trousers: Costume National / Monk Strap Shoes: Balenciaga

Look 2-  Lawn Tee: American Apparel / Culottes: Vintage (Terriblay) / Sneakers: CDG PLAY

Sharing the looks that were featured in this month's issue of Preview MagazineTinay Villiamel (owner and creative director of Bleach Store) and I were placed under the conversation of Genderless Dressing for this year's Best Dressed issue, and these are the two main looks I came up with that were published in the magazine. The shoot went so smoothly, and the only reason I knew what to do in terms of posing was all due to the direction by the super talented Vince Uy.

Comme des Garçons is the absolute epitome of genderless dressing, its literal translation from French is "Like Boys". Needless to say, I gain a lot of inspiration from Rei Kawakubo's amazing work, and aspire to wear her designs more often someday! I have two other looks that weren't published in the magazine, I'll be sharing them here soon!

Photos by Jeanne Young
Direction by Vince Uy


  1. i always read your interview. it was fun talaga! you're perfect!!! you represent us very well!

  2. Tina babe! Congrats on your feature, can't wait to seemore of you out there. The looks are perfect, love the masculinity in them but played with some feminine lines, I guess the mix of both makes for genderless dressing. You pull it off very well. You were missed at the beach bday get together yesterday xx

  3. great interview. and lovely looks
    thanks for sharing

  4. Seriously love the first outfit! I`ll actually attempt to wear one similar to it.. Thanks for the inspiration! x

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