Friday, July 11, 2014

11JUL2014 // UPCYCLING PT. 3

Top: DIY / Shorts: H&M / Sneakers: CDG PLAY / Kasumi Envelop: Wabisabi / Sunnies: Sunnies Studios

Here's the last part of my up cycling blog post series, it's a crop top that I made from an old turtleneck knit. This one was super easy because all I had to do was cut the neck, arms, and body, then sew the sides for a tighter fit. I really like the unfinished edges, and the way the fabric curls on the hem. I made this early last year, and did a blog post wearing it here. Over the past year, the crop top has easily become a wardrobe staple and is now really easy to find. I just like the idea of a DIY because 1- up cycling! 2- not many others are gonna have the same one ;)

Photos by Karyn Ong


  1. i love when diy's work out like that! black raw edges look supa dope, (also you wear it so well) xx

  2. Loving that you are getting into your diy's lately! The bermuda look really suits you xx

    1. Thanks babe! This outfit is actually quite old! The top I made last year around January, and had the shorts for almost 4 yr ;-)

  3. Love this outfit! ^-^