Sunday, March 9, 2014


Time moved on fast forward these past few days. Paris is absolutely stunning of course, and even though I didn't get to take many pictures, I had that much more time to soak it in and enjoy it before, between and after our long work days.

The weather was brutal at first, and eventually transitioned to the most perfect weather the day we were leaving. I will miss the daily dose of fashion exuding practicality laced with genuine personal style-- ever inspiring realness. That, and eating a little too much. How can you not? As they say, when in France....

Meanwhile, here are night shots of me.

Au revoir, Paris xoxo

Coat: MUJI  /  Blazer: Vintage  /  Tank top: American Apparel  /  Shorts: Terriblay (vintage)  /  Boots: Vagabond (old)  /  Carry Bag: The Leather Company

Photos by D. Ong


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    1. Means so much coming from you. Thanks for dropping by. x

  2. Your outfit is lovely! Being able to -properly- layer up is something I'm not used to doing in Australia, but I'd love the opportunity (and in Paris, no less :P !)

    1. Thanks Mia! Mixing jackets and coats definitely keep the fun in layering. Love your blog x