Friday, October 17, 2014


2-in-1 Mesh Dress: Melissa Araujo / Sneakers: EYTYS (sold at HOODWINK)

Here’s a really lovely spread for this month’s Closet Diaries with Meg Magazine. Thank you so much for this, Meg (special shout out to Portia)!
I didn’t have a lot of time to think about what to wear and what to show in this feature, but I think here you see something that can exactly represent me today. For one, I am wearing all black in each outfit, most of which I have owned for ages. And two, I’ve started repeating ‘favourite things’ to feature! 
Doing this one made me realize that I’ve really slowed down collecting things, or even shopping loads (which I know is a little strange for a personal style blogger). Over the years I have collected things I really like, that are versatile, simple enough to be basic and make a subtle statement in styling. Though I do try new things, there is now the “core” that is the aforementioned (very humble) collection that I work around today. The reason could easily be the expenses, the idea of quality over quantity, the challenge of working with a smaller, more curated wardrobe. Better yet, it could be the mix of all the above—for now (of course there will always be a long want and to-buy-one-day list growing longer).


  1. i love this. Melissa would be so thrilled.. love you #represent!

  2. Congrats on the feature! I agree with you, collecting things more than over buying, quality and uniqueness over quantity and I am so glad my piece still on rotation xx

  3. congrats on the feature! you are really tearing it up in manila! i'm glad to see mel's dress is one your staples, i definitely feel like she's made some "CORE" pieces to build on this year. maybe see you over xmas in vancouver??