Friday, August 8, 2014

08AUG2014 // NEW CROPS

 Drape Top: Giordano Ladies / High Waist Zipper Pants: American Apparel / Ayahko Bag: Wabi Sabi / Mules: Zara

I've been playing around with crop tops more lately and keeping an eye out for different shapes and sizes. Here is one super versatile knitted gem. I think it was originally supposed to be worn different ways using the drapes with a pin, but I love how it looks just like this. A big thank you to high waisted pants and skirts to hide any evidence of laziness/lack of exercise!

Photos by M. Tuason


  1. wow more like Giordano Concepts ang top.. i congratulate Giordano for creating such. love it. i can see your mighty abs , babe!

  2. k few things. those aa pants are still kickin bravo, i wore mine into the ground and then some.
    yes to that crop, i just want to know how it looks laid flat now, the drapier the more curious i am.
    and double yes to high waists, i'm there with ya haha

  3. I am still wearing my high waist zipper pants(good old AA) interesting crop top, love for you to play around and show us a different version of it. Is your hair reddish? xx