Friday, July 4, 2014

04JUL2014 // SKIN CITY

Shorts: Custom made by my design / Heels: Melissa x John Paul Gaultier / Purse: Prada

Preview Magazine had their annual ball this year with the theme of Skin City. What to do when you can't find anything you really want to wear? Make something, or better yet, have it made (due to limited skills and time). The theme was really open to a variety of interpretations, but I went with the idea of 'skin' in general (fabrication and my own skin). I had some yards of faux leather sitting at home, and luckily a great tailor to work with who put my design to life in a span of three days! So happy with the outcome. The top was inspired by the amazing Maria Van Nguyen's super cropped top design, I got in touch with her and she let me borrow the idea (thanks again Maria!); the shorts have huge slits on the sides, unfortunately we were rushing with the photos and also admittedly had a little too much fun at the party that we forgot to take photos of that detail. Not to worry, I'll wear it to an outfit post sometime soon. Thanks for the fun times, Preview! 

P.S. My hair is purple for the moment!

Photos by Anton Aguila 


  1. ito na talaga!!!! pls wear a grey one! haha

  2. Love your feminine look here, love Maria's design and that you got in touch with her to let her know about your inspiration and I will most def have to borrow that top ( if my boobs will fir in it) when you get here. Love the 90's vibe from the crop top. Oh the dream of having someone sewing is my goal xx

  3. that top! amazing i need a pocket tailor for special events! also your hair and make up here is so womanly/sophisticated, take your pick ^