Friday, June 27, 2014

27JUN2014 // UPCYCLING PT. 2

Vest: from Korea / Dress: DIY (originally American Apparel) / Sneakers: André Paris / Leather Backpack: Vintage Prada / Eyewear: Vintage from Cherry Bomb / Challenge Talisman Necklace: Pyrrha

This dress used to be light grey. It's one of the most comfortable dresses out there, but I found that I wore it less and less because the grey was too light and too casual for my taste considering its rayon t-shirt material. I did what any DIY enthusiast would do-- I dyed it a darker hue. After dyeing, I found that the thread stayed light grey and I'm sure it's because it's made of polyester fiber (which is generally resistant to regular dye)-- I quite like it! 

Photos by Karyn Ong


  1. I am playing with dying some clothes myself all into black of course and some just don't turn out, it becomes like a weird grey or like in your case that the thread stayed the same colour cause it was poly not and learn right?
    Bae you are looking so good, I think you and I should have a vest off and see who has the least amount of smiles in their blog posts? That's why I love you we are in the same wave length xx

  2. in response for your query about my leather shorts, well i actually made it for m bf hehe... i could make you one dear if you like pero mataas yata ang standards mo eh haha.. =)

  3. omg really? sorry.. you can email me at if you want something? haha thanks , love!! super