Friday, November 28, 2014

28NOV2014 // HELLO FROM 2013

Sharing some photos from almost exactly a year ago that I totally forgot about. It was worth noting that nothing much has changed for me besides the hair. This is still one of my favourite ways to wear a shirt (one or two buttons done up), with a white t-shirt inside half tucked. Joggers are still on regular wear for at least every other week, and on occasion, footwear with height just to remind me that I'm a lady after all. 

As we get older and more sure of our personalities,  so do our personal styles. I strongly believe in an improving 'core' wardrobe that we can mix and match while adding new pieces that keep it fresh with the times. Needless to say, if we buy the right things that are of our style identities, I think it could, it should last a year or even longer in our wardrobes.


  1. so true.. i love love love this post.. very strong na talaga ang style philosophy mo .. shouldve known you before pa sana =)

  2. what a good example of lasting style, i'm glad you've found yours, i feel like i'm only just rediscovering mine. <3