Friday, June 6, 2014

06JUN2014 // JORTS

Sunnies Studios / Top: Sune / Shorts: DIY / Ayahko Bag: Wabi Sabi / Sandals: Seychelles PH

Making the most of what's left of the summer in possibly the only jean shorts I ever wear nowadays since the start of the year. These have quite the fail story- I bought them early last year just as men's jeans and later on decided to cut a bunch of squares on them and frayed the edges. I actually didn't like how they looked on, it's possible I was not very good with the placement of the square holes. I decided to keep some of the squares and cut them into shorts, say 'whatever' and just wear them. Now I like them.

If you follow me on Instagram (@religionblack), you may have already noticed that I've been spending loads of time at EDSA Beverage Design Studio. So happy to have this freakishly amazing coffee shop / cocktail bar / drink lab to hang out at around in my hood. If you live in Manila or are visiting soon, you must check it out!

Photos by Karyn Ong
Location: EDSA Beverage Design Studio


  1. LOVE i mean LOVE the diy shorts! I may have to do the same ;) xx