Friday, January 17, 2014


I am addicted to coffee. All my money goes to more than one cup a day. I'm really bad at spending but it really is, more often than not, an experience worth funding. Working six days a week, I look forward to my Sunday and having one really good cup. Not on the go, not to keep my motor skills running during a long day at work, but just to really enjoy it.

Third wave (fancy) coffee has been making a buzz around town. Luckily we have an espresso bar by The Curator at the Archives (our outlet store) located in Legazpi Village, this is terribly convenient for the days I go there for work. But on this particular Sunday, I went to go full on poser on the Z-board, and take advantage of the beautiful sunny day and take photos of my brother workin' the bar.

Love lots, black soul xx

All photos taken with 35mm film

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  1. love the skateboard, love that is summer over there. Over here it is such a january blues I need to keep busy in order to survive the cold xx