Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I'm currently loving two main things about this dress. One being my favourite colour combination as of the past few months: navy and black. The other being the baby doll, drop waist cut of this dress. Though I am not one for ruffles, this dress would be a prime exception. Since the dress is short, I decided that it could be worn as a top too.

Something a little different with photos this time. These awesome photos by Cholo Dela Vega were taken at night (obvs), without a flash or extra lighting, and I absolutely love the turnout. This is one of the three-part mini shoot we did together, our second one together after he shot my YStyle feature. More to come soon!

Swing Dress: ASOS / Mini Tote: DKNY / Fishnet Socks: American Apparel / Canvas+PVC Flats (worn for both looks): Vintage / Black Trousers: American Apparel / Classic Velo: Balenciaga

Love lots, black soul xx


  1. do you have an instagram? hehe.. i love this so much.. very balenciaga~ #ruffles

    1. Thank you my dear, yes I do! My instagram is: religionblack

  2. thats is super cute dress. cool volumns