Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In my last trip to Vancouver, I had the pleasure of meeting Aina Kawamoto of What's In My Bag; a blog for us curious girls and boys who like looking into other people's everyday necessities and how they organize them in their bags. I love this blog, and am definitely excited to now be a part of it!

Here is the finished product! We definitely know more about a person when we see the contents of their bags, here are a few (more) things about me: I like film (still learning), but for my trip I decided to bring the auto and toy cameras so it's quick, easy, and light on the baggage, especially cause I walk around a lot. Another is that I always bring more than one lip colour. Though I usually collect MAC lipsticks, I'm currently trying out Revlon's dupe for Clinique's Chubby Stick. Since I usually carry a roomy bag, I like to keep the little stuff in pouches. It's my attempt to stay organized.

You can view more bags here. I personally can't get enough. Looking at the the other bags in WIMB, I realized that I need a little notebook/planner in my bag as I always find myself shuffling for a piece of scrap paper or back or receipts to write or draw on!

Thank you Aina for making my stuff look more organized than it actually is! 

Love lots, black soul x

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