Friday, January 18, 2013


Lately I’ve been waking up not knowing what to wear. This is a little scary because it usually means that I can’t quite distinguish my mood. It could be that I was too sleepy this morning, or at least I’d like to think so. 

So, when in doubt, two things: 1. wear man pants or 2. don't wear pants at all. 

Blazer: (made to order) / T-shirt dress: Uniqlo / Lace shorts: American Apparel

I love these shoes so much, and they became far more comfortable when I brought it to the cobbler who added an extra layer of rubber on the soles.

 Dancing shoes: American Apparel
Chain+leather bracelet: (gifted) / Watch: Casio

Love lots, black soul. x

Photos by Joan Cantemprate


  1. good call on resoling the aa shoes, mine cracked completely in half.
    i'm so jealous it's warm enough for no pants i'd be right there with you if toronto would let me.
    also i had no idea sky ferriera was a singer, i just thought she was a tumblr celeb haha i'm so disconnected.

    1. Sad stuff, but there are lots of dancing shoes out there for us to check out! hihi
      Sounds like you and David are due to come to the Philippines for a fabulous vacation. Might i suggest Palawan or Boracay?
      Oh i am disconnected too, a friend just sent it to me, and call me hooked. XO!